Thursday, March 18, 2010

Earn Money For Shopping Online At Fatcheese

I joined my very first cashback website yesterday, you know, the sort of website that allows you to earn money back on your online shopping when you access one of their partner websites through one of their links.

In the past I have had trouble finding a cashback website that allows people from outside the U.S. to earn money and  Fatcheese is the first one I have come across that works even for Irish shoppers. I haven't done much online shopping but looking at the wide selection of participating websites, this could all change very soon.

Fatcheese is a cashback website based in the UK but they now also have a branch in Ireland (good news for me!). They have offers from about every known company that has a website and trades in Ireland and the UK. Some of their partner sites are Tesco, O2, Vodafone, Dell, Dorothy Perkins, Pixmania, Sky TV, Aviva, Mothercare, Air France, Amazon, Ebay and lots more.

If you do any online shopping at all, check them out, you can even earn money back by ordering a takeaway; and even if you don't shop online that much, Fatcheese also has a few offers that don't require you to spend any money or to give them your credit card details: I earned €5 yesterday just by completing free offers.

A cashback website: what better way to beat the credit crunch? If you'd like to join them or just to take a look, just click through to and happy online shopping!

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