Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Affiliate Marketing Update 2: All Articles Written

Phew! Writing articles based on certain keywords is not that difficult but keeping focused when you also have kids and a house to run is!

Anyway, my 10 main articles are written and I have rewritten another 10 articles so now I have a total of 20. I still have to read them and correct any mistakes, write summaries and find popular tags as well as publishing them on several article directories.

If you are wondering what the heck rewriting means, it is something that I like to compare to plagiariazing: but since I am not taking content from anywhere else but the articles I wrote myself, it doesn't really matter (I am hardly going to sue myself, am I?).

I keep coming across other websites belonging to my niche that make me realise that I really need to improve my own site so I will add another page this evening, something that can be helpful to people looking for information on the topic I am writing about.

I am also going to use Google Analytics on my site, so I have an idea of where visitors are coming from and what it is they really want.

This is it for now, the bulk of the heavy work is done and still plenty more to do: this is not a case of sitting on my own arse and letting the dosh roll in, as so many Internet marketers will have you believe (usually when they are trying to sell you some miracle product)!

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