Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Setting my Priorities Right

Last month I joined 6 get paid to click (PTCs) sites to see if I could make a little bit of easy money.

I must admit that joining PTC sites wasn't the smartest thing I ever did; I always looked down on blogs containing a bunch of PTC banners and little useful content, but for my defence I can always say that I did it for research purposes. PTCs are usually the first sites joined by people who want to earn money online. Me, I started with an online casino affiliate website, then moved on to this blog and writing articles, Being a Squidoo lensmaster and finally joining PTC sites. As I am pretty busy with all of these sites, I must select the most rewarding websites if I want to actually try and make a living online so I will not waste my time anymore on PTCs.

My favourite site so far is Squidoo; this site is great because it can be used to combine several income streams: for my latest lens for example, I have chosen one clickbank product to promote (a product not related to internet marketing or making money online), wrote a few paragraphs about the topic and included a few links to articles related to the same topic; this lens is now my most popular lens and the last time I checked, I had one clickbank sale (I am now a few cents away from payout!) and I haven't even got to publishing articles to promote this lens on free article directories!

If you want to see what my lens looks like (I still plan on adding a few graphics to make it more attractive), take a look here.

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