Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My PTC Income So Far

Since joining 6 Paid to Click (PTC) websites on June 22, I have been clicking away and even though I haven't reach payout on any of them, I just wanted to let you know how I have been getting on so far.

11 days of clicking on Clickyu earned me $0.105, while during the same period I made $0.32 with Clixsense, $1.715 with DailyClicks, $1.67 with FoxCash and $0.270 with Neobux. It usually takes me about an hour and a half each day (usually while doing other things at the same time) to do all my clicking so this could translate as earnings of $0.54 per hour. I could easily double or even treble this if I joined more programs and did 3 of them simultaneously but I usually just read emails or even log into my Morachat account and add up the cents there too. Sometimes I even do household chores at the same time, so I get my daily exercise (getting up and sitting down;).

One of the PTC programs I already gave up on is OrangeBizs; after spending 2 hours on the day I joined in front of a very slow loading screen, I only earned $0.013 and got a virus alert in the bargain so I don't think this program is worth it.

I will get clicking until I reach payout and I am not planning on joining any new programs at the moment as I still need to work on my Squidoo lenses and articles and these are pretty time-consuming too but more enjoyable than PTC websites!

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