Monday, July 21, 2008

ForumBooster, Highest Paying Forum and Articles Site

Forum Booster
is a website that pays you for posting on forums and, if you choose to also apply for content writing, they pay you for your articles.

Forum Booster
works a bit differently from other paid forum sites, as when your application is accepted (this took me about a week, although the site says that applications are usually approved within 2 days), you get assigned different forums that you can join to make quality posts on and you get paid $0.10 for each post or reply until you have 200 posts and the rate goes up to $0.15 after that. They pay via Paypal and so far I have made 151 posts and received $15.10. Some forums are interesting to join so it's easy to make money with them but those (like the forum I joined about anabolics for example) that don't interest you can get pretty boring but you are not obliged to post on all of them. At the moment I have 8 different forums to choose from on different topics so all I have to do is choose my favourite ones and cash in on those.

Forum Booster
also has a content writing section that you can apply to separately from the forum writing; they will assign you a test article and if your article is approved, you can select from a list of articles (believe me, there are lots of them!) which one you want to write; so far I wrote 2 articles and got paid $6 for the first 500 word article; I did spend a long time writing that article because I had to do some research on something I knew nothing about but I hope to get some practice and speed up my writing soon so I can make lots more money on Paypal.

Forum Booster
is so far the most lucrative guaranteed way I found to make money online (affiliate marketing is more lucrative but it comes with no guarantees) but sometimes it can be a bit difficult to find things to say in a forum you don't really like so I might still use them for quick cash but my favourite paid forum is still Morachat and I will also stay with it because it may not pay very much, but I am having a lot of fun on that forum.

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Hmm could be good 10cent apost sounds good, But its no way to earn a living!