Thursday, July 17, 2008

6 Days Without Internet Connection!

I have just had to have a forced holiday after not being able to connect to the Internet for 6 whole days!

Luckily now the problem is sorted (and so is my bank balance after paying the computer repairshop) and I am back in action. I was lucky enough to have a few plr articles downloaded and I was able to use these to write 3 new articles that I am now going to publish on Associated Content. I could have written more, but with the kids and a house to tend to, I just got a bit lazy.

I spend yesterday afternoon catching up on emails and Morachat and was happy to find out that I had been paid from a few sites while on this forced break:
- I got $10.88 from Squidoo,
- Associated Content paid me $3.28,
- ForumBooster paid me $15.10 for forum postings and $6 for an article (yippee!).

I meant to write a post about Forum Booster but this came when I lost my internet connection, so I guess that will be my next post.

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