Monday, July 7, 2008

My New Associated Content Articles

Associated Content is a website where you can publish articles, poems, short stories, even audio or video for money. They pay via Paypal; if you live in the U.S. you can get an advance fee for the content you submit and if you don't, there is always the performance fee, which is the payment structure I am entitled to, as a European member.

I thought I would give you a quick update on how I am doing with Associated Content. I joined the website last October and so far I have 40 articles on the site; they have paid me $15.92 in total and I am expecting another payment for the page views my articles received during the month of June, which should be roughly $3.00.

I know this is not much, but the good thing about writing for Associated Content is that you keep being rewarded even for content that has been published before the current month, as long as there are people who read them. So even if one of my articles doesn't do too good on the month it's being published, I can always get paid for it if gets successful a few months or even a year later.

Here are the last articles I published on Associated Content:
Betfair Gambling: Is it Worth It?;
The Disgusting Habits that May Save Our Lives;
How to Make Money with Free Article Directories;
Safe Online Dating for Women.

And here is an article that should help your articles get more pageviews if you are a member of Associated Content or if you are interested in becoming one:
Use Blogging Tools to Get Traffic to Your Articles.

If you like my writing, please subscribe to my Associated Content.

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Nicki B. said...

I've tried out AC (where I've only earned a few cents for the 4 articles they're published and received rude responses to inquiries I sent to customer support), Helium (also a few cents for 3 articles), Hubpages (a fun place, but difficult to learn how to publish your articles so they look good - I've earned about a dollar from here) and Triond (where I've earned just over $10) so far in the past month and a half.

- Nicki B.

Sophie LC said...

My first few months on AC also amounted to a few cents but as I am building up my number of articles on the site, the amount I earn is now higher every month; I'll have to check out Triond, though, this looks interesting, thanks.

online stock broker said...

I found little disappointment when I first started my work on AC but now it really rocks.