Thursday, November 8, 2007


A few weeks ago, I spent a bit of time checking out some "Get paid to surf" websites. I already wrote a post about Agloco, so now I will talk about Spedia.

Sign up is free as well so I joined them. I entered all my details on their website, clicked the link on my confirmation email (you know how it goes) and then I started downloading the toolbar. When I had 99% of the toolbar downloaded, my antivirus programme beeped (yes, it does that) and indicated me that there was a virus threat of some kind so I stopped and tried again 5 or 6 times during the day but still with the same result. I sent an email to the Spedia support department but my email came back with a message from Postmaster (whatever that is) informing me that my message could not be delivered so I gave up.

I tried again a week later and the same thing happened but this time (after running my antivirus programme), I went back on the site and started to explore. The website claims that you can make money not only by surfing, but also by joining their advertisers programmes, reading emails, referring people and playing games.

Most of the programmes to join are only open to U.S. residents. There was one online casino but in order to get Spedia points I would have had to make a deposit and I did not want to do that so I passed and tried the free games.

I started playing Solitaire against other online players and instantly got addicted: I just had to win. I had a bit of fun for about one hour (yeah, I know, I could have used the time better, but this was on a Sunday) but when I went to check how many Spedia points I had got, I was informed that the points system was down and that I should try later. I tried to check this again a few more times during the week but it was still unavailable. Somehow I don't think I will be earning any money with Spedia.

It looks like "get paid to surf" programmes are not all they claim to be. I don't expect any money from them so I will keep up with the writing instead.

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