Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Promoting Day Turned Into Dossing Day

I tried to get my Potty Training articles' links posted to as many parenting forums as I could yesterday. As a result, I discovered that most forums don't accept links (at least not from new members), this is considered as spamming, and I spent laborious hours (well at least 2) reading posting guidelines. My links were savagely removed from 1 website but at least I managed to post on the parenting forum I have been using for a year. Conclusion: this is not the best way of promoting my articles.

I ended up reading very interesting information about using inbound and outbound links to improve the ranking of websites, which I need to study in more detail. I also came accross "how to turn $6 to $600". This is like the chain letters I used to get as a kid to write postcards to different people but this one works using PayPal and sending $1 to 6 email addresses. Even though it has been featured on Oprah, I smelled a rat. I need to find out for myself what does Paypal think about this.

I also wrote a review of a dvd I saw recently, at this stage I have 4 of these saved on Word, I am trying to think of the best place to publish them. Maybe I will go for Associated Content when I find out how to increase my article page views.

So, O.K, I didn't make any money yet, but I am learning every day, so it's not all bad!

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