Thursday, November 15, 2007


So much time spent trying to promote everything, from this blog to my articles and my website!

I could easily write one good article per day but what good would that do if nobody reads them? So, for the moment I will spend some time promoting my stuff. Once I have used up all the channels I can think of and worked out my own advertising routine (which could take a while), I can write again.

Yesterday I spent some time on Facebook, posted all my articles on my page, joined a few groups, wrote a few messages, because I have to participate as much as I can to make myself known on the different networks. The aim is to get people to check my Facebook profile, where they will see my posted items (=articles) and hopefully click on some of the links. Also, I can join in some interesting conversations or just have a ball posting in the most ridiculous dicussion boards!

When I know exactly what I am doing, I will write some more detailed posts on how to advertise on different channels, so keep watching this space!

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