Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Affiliate Marketing Update 4: Not Making Any Sales Yet

I haven't done much in terms of my affiliate marketing campaign during the week but I have decided to write an update anyway, just so that you don't think I have forgotten all about it.

I have not written any new articles but now have my 10 main articles live on Ezine Articles which so far have attracted 271 views and 27 clicks on my author resource box. One thing I like about Ezine Articles is that it gives you detailed statistics about your articles; you can even check the most popular traffic search terms for your articles.

I have submitted 10 rewrites of my original articles to GoArticles and Isnare. Isnare hasn't approved my articles yet and the total page views for my content on GoArticles totals 145.

I haven't bookmarked a lot of my articles, apart from the automatic submission that Ezine does to my Twitter which also appears on my Facebook profile; I have used another 6 bookmarking websites but I find them too time-consuming because I need to bookmark other stuff than my own content to be able to keep submitting (I have been banned from Propeller before). Also, some of them don't accept links from GoArticles I will keep trying even though I should spend more time writing than submitting. I have started a spreadsheet to keep track of what I am submitting and need to organize my time better in order to keep doing this.

I regularly check my clickbank account and so far I haven't made any sales; If I did I would probably be more motivated but I will try to continue. There are still a lot of articles to write and a lot of article directories and bookmarking websites to submit to.

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