Friday, April 9, 2010

Affiliate Marketing Update 3: All 20 Articles Submitted

All my 10 original articles and 10 rewrites have now been submitted to 2 article directories.

Ezine Articles still have to publish 7 of my articles and I have just finished submitting my 10 rewrites to Go Articles where publication is immediate.

My next step is to submit all the published articles (and my blog, why not?) to social bookmarking websites but first, in order not to be called a spammer, I have set up a Google alert about my niche so I can bookmark not only my own articles but also content related to it that is not mine whithout having to look too far (I get email updates regularly and I will bookmark the sites and blogs that I like, but not the ones promoting an affiliate product).

On another matter, I have just realised that I missed out on $59 from Clickbank last September! How? Well it seems that some people have bought some of the affiliate products I promoted in 2 different Squidoo lenses (that are not live anymore, I will have to edit some links). So far so good, but the problem is that I moved out last August and forgot to edit my address on the Clickbank website so the check must have been received at my old address but there is no way I can get it back, and if I did get it now, I would have to send it to Clickbank before they send me a new one (probably with some administration charges deducted). After a bit of headbanging, I edited my details, at least I know that I can make a little money even a long time after starting to promote something.

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