Tuesday, October 7, 2008

An Easy Way to Update Your Blog When Inspiration Goes Missing

I have decided to do a little experiment today. As you can see in my last post: Spot a Golddigger-wikiHow, I have just posted an article from WikiHow.

I did not write this article myself; I just republished it under a Creative Commons licence. I guess you could say that I'm cheating by not writing my own content and yes, I could have just read the article, rewritten it and not given credit or linking to the original author, but that's not what I've done here.

After reading the article on WikiHow, I just saw that I was allowed to republish it on my own blog and I thought that perhaps it would be a good idea to use this when my blogging inspiration dries out. Of course, I can't really say now that my inspiration really dried out as I am writing this post but I just thought that some bloggers out there could do with the tip when they haven't written anything for a while and are looking for a quick way to post an article.

As long as you respect copyright laws, it is not against the law to publish duplicate content; you should be prepared to get a Google slap, though, especially if it's something you plan on doing a lot of (ouch! That hurt!).

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