Monday, October 20, 2008

Earn 100% of Your Pages' Advertising Revenue at Stumpedia Articles

I have got to know Stumpedia a few months ago but back then, it was just a directory for Squidoo lenses. Now Stumpedia's owner has launched a new site where you can get paid for your articles.

I haven't tried Stumpedia Articles yet as I am trying to slow down the hours spent at my computer, but if you have an Adsense account and write articles (it's never too late to start!), I would recommend joining this one as it is still pretty new, which means that the on-site competition between writers can't be too tough yet!

Of course the site being new, it probably isn't as popular with search engines as other article websites such as Associated Content or Wiki How, but it should grow in the next few months because article sites usually do well with Google and other search engines as they contain fresh (often updated) and useful content.

I haven't seen a FAQ section on Stumpedia Articles' home page so all I know is that "publishers (that's you if you sign up) get complete control and management of their ads and 100% of the advertising revenue". Since I have spotted some Google ads on the website, I guess that means that if you decide to become a member, you can add your own Adsense publisher ID on pages containing your articles and get Adsense revenue when readers click your ads.

If you decide to sign up to Stumpedia Articles, make sure to do some keyword research before you publish your articles as this will maximize your adsense earnings.

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