Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Short Experience with Betfair

I had been tempted to join Betfair for a few months as I thought that this was a safer sports betting website than other online betting sites so I decided to try it out last week.

Betfair is a gambling website that allows you to lay events (bet that a team, horse or whatever you are laying will not win) as well as back events (the more classical way of betting, which mean that you need whatever you are backing to win the event in oder to win money).

It also allows you to trade bets, meaning that if you manage to find, let's say a horse with a low paying price, you can lay it and if its price later increases, you can back it; if you get the right combination, you can make money whatever happens (horse wins or loses).

I wrote an article on Associated Content about the reasons why I have decided to give up betting on Betfair even though I came up with a total profit of €4 in 3 days.

I am transferring my balance back to my Paypal account before I lose everything and
I do not recommend gambling or sports betting (even on Betfair) to anyone!

Betfair Gambling: Is It Worth It?

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