Friday, June 20, 2008

Looking for PTR/PTC Websites to Join

I have decided to join a few Paid to Read Email (PTR) and Paid to Click (PTC) websites; I don't intend to make lots of money from these as they usually pay only a few cents but I think I should try them anyway.

A few of my fellow Morachatters are members of PTR/PTC websites and reading their posts almost sometimes makes me think that maybe instead of slaving over articles I should try clicking, which may be a bit boring but is dead easier, and since I have a blog about making money online, trying them out and sharing my experiences about PTC/PTC programs would be like paid research!

One thing about PTR/PTC websites is that there are a lot of them that are scams, but my Morachat friends often talk about their experiences and I know which programs to avoid.

I have come to know and trust some long standing Morachat members and I will visit the Morachat referrals section to find out which PTR/PTC websites have paid them so I can sign up under their referral links. This is one thing I like about Morachat: I can find out if a few members are happy with one website instead of reading online reviews which may have been written by someone just trying to gain referrals. If you spend a little time everyday on one forum, you do get to know which members are genuine and which one have joined just to spam and get referrals and the Morachat moderators are doing a great job everyday to ensure that the site is as free of spam as it is possible to be.

I want to keep writing articles, but I also want to get in on the action with PTR/PTC websites so I will update you with the sites I join and update this blog with my experiences with them. I will also try to write an article on how to choose a PTR/PTC website as soon as possible.

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Get Paid Now said...

Very nice job on your blog!
I was or am a member too at Morachat but I haven't been there in awhile and I heard the owners changed.
Maybe I'll go back and check it out. I might have to re-join if my log-in doesn't work.

I am also a member of many great PTC sites. You can see them on my PTC Blog if you want.
Keep up the good work on your blog and making money!