Monday, June 9, 2008

My Search Funds Now Called Homepage Friends

After a full week off the Internet (call it Internet Rehab if you like, actually I had some family members over and I knew that if I switched on the Internet while there were here, it would just suck me up for the whole day!), I am back in the swing of things and after checking my emails I noticed already something new going on with My Search Funds:

They are now called Homepage Friends and work exclusively with the Yahoo search engine; not a huge change, but I thought I would let you know anyway.

On checking my account with Homepage Friends today I was pleasantly surprised when seeing my account balance of £0.48 and that was in just 7 days (22 searches) as I avoided logging on the Internet for a full week.

Now that I am back to being an Internet Junkie (I wrote 2 articles between today and yesterday for the extra work forum of Morachat and did 28 searches (not included above) in the process, I think that reaching payout is doable for me before the end of the year; I won't be a millionaire yet but small amounts in my Paypal account add up in the end!

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Caren said...

I've only been a member of MSF for about 3 months and I already have 11 GBP. I'm going to try to reach payout by the end of July.

Sophie LC said...

Yes, the money seems to be adding up quicker than with any other "get paid to" website I've heard about.

make money with google said...

i havnt tried it yet . But after reading your comment , i guess i have to give it a shot.

Search engine positioning said...

thanks for sharing that info with me.

Chris said...

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