Monday, May 19, 2008

What a Smart Way to Drive Visitors Out of my Blog!

For a while now I have had a Hunger Site banner at a prominent place in my blog. While I like the idea of my blog's visitors helping a good cause, I don't like the fact that I may be losing potential readers by displaying the banner on top of my blog posts.

This blog is supposed to be about Smart Ways to Earn Money Online but let me be the first to admit that placing the Hunger Site banner on top of my posts was everything but a smart move, this is why I have decided to move it to a less prominent location.

It wouldn't have been too much of a problem if the Hunger Site opened in a new window after someone clicked on it but it doesn't; once you click the banner, you are taken to a different website where you have to click on another banner if you want to help fight poverty, which means that once you have done your good deed, you have to hit the back button twice if you want to come back to Smart Ways to Earn Money Online with Internet Junkie, and that's assuming that you don't do any more browsing around the Hunger Site!

I have nothing against the Hunger Site, in fact I love the idea of being able to help fight poverty online and I want to keep their banner on this blog, but until they make one that opens in a new window and make it easier for the Smart Ways to Earn Money Online's visitors to come back and read my content, I will keep the Hunger Site banner under my blog posts.

P.S. Once you're done reading, commenting and bookmarking Smart Ways to Earn Money Online with Internet Junkie, please don't forget to visit the Hunger Site; it's free to give, all you have to do is click!

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Barry said...

That was probably a good move to change the banner's location. Did you try adding target="new" to the banner code. That can force a new window (or tab in Firefox).

SBA said...

The problem could apply to many links on your blog --- posts can easily 'leak' visitors! In one of my tips I mention tweaking even widget code to avoid opening in the same window. Visitors who are not savvy about the internet could get lost, especially if they found you from another link... Using html, the tag you add to the href code would be target="_blank"

Sophie LC said...

Thanks for the codes, I only know the basics of html and I will think about this next time I put a banner of my blog; I don't mind so much people leaving my blog to access one of the links I put in a post as this means that they have at least read part of my post.