Monday, May 26, 2008

I Am Convinced (at last!?) that Numenmail is a Scam

A few months ago I joined Numenmail, a Get Paid to Read Emails/Get Paid to Click program and even though it took me a while before I decided to expose them (I just wanted to be sure!), I can now say this loud and clear: Numenmail is a scam!

Of course it was not realistic to hope that I could earn more than a few cents per day on a PTR/PTC (Paid to Read/Paid to Click) program so when I joined a program like Numenmail that gave me a $800 sign up bonus and $80 per email that I read, I should have known that this was a scam.

Numenmail were very generous with their emails (I got 3 or 4 $80 paying emails plus a good few links to click at $5 each every day) but when I reached the $8888 payout after just over a month reading emails I requested the money to be paid onto my Paypal account and of course it never came!

I gave them the benefit of the doubt and sent them an email enquiring about my money but I was not surprised to get no answer from Numenmail.

It is now 61 days since I have requested my $8888 payout (it would have been nice to get it!) and the website states that payments are sent within 30 days of being requested so I can now safely say that Numenmail is a scam.

If you would like to have more details about this website and follow my progress on Numenmail, visit the Squidoo lens I have created especially for this purpose: Can I Really Make Money Reading Emails?

P.S. I may never get paid by Numenmail, but at least I will make sure that I earn indirectly from them, with my Squidoo lens (wicked, I know!); it is time for me to start spending the balance of my Numenmail earnings (about $20,000) on advertising on the site!

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Create-Money said...

Well I wd like to second to Repeat the Same that I AM ALSO CONVINCED AT LAST THAT "" NUMENMAIL "" IS A BBBBBBIG SSSSSSSSCAM.... will B disclosing this info on my blog aswell...