Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Save Money by Switching Mobile Phone Networks

I regularly check the website of my mobile phone network provider to check whether they have any good special offers, particularly on upgrades but lately there have not been any.

Since my mobile phone has been working great since I have had it, the only way I am willing to upgrade it is if I get more free credit than the cost of my phone but for a good while now there has not been any offers of more than €30 free credit for the most basic mobile phones starting at €29.99, not really worth the hassle of changing.

There are, however, great offers at the moment for anyone willing to switch mobile phone networks:

  • Switching to O2 gives you €130 free credit, 
  • Vodafone gets you €120,
  • Meteor €150.
You get the free call credit monthly €10 at a time provided you top up by at least €20 every 30 days until all your free credit has been given to you, which for some, may mean that they will end up with a big amount of credit but if you are not a big mobile phone credit spender, you could end up not having to buy any credits for a full year after that.

Also keep in mind that some network providers may charge you for the cost of unlocking your current phone if you decide to keep the same handset when switching and if you are a pre-pay customer you must make sure that you have spent all your current call credit before switching over to a new network unless you don't mind losing it.

I have €0.38 left to spend before I switch; now who shall I call?

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