Thursday, May 6, 2010

Affiliate Marketing Update 5: What Is Taking So Long?

Some article directories take a very long time to approve articles. So far, I have had good experiences with Ezine Articles and GoArticles but Isnare and Article Dashboard are taking their time in reviewing articles.

I wrote 2 more articles that I have submitted to Ezine Articles so now I have 12 articles on this article directory that have attracted so far about 480 pageviews since I have submitted them. I have just received my article stats report for April and I have saved it as it is in giving me new keywords for my next articles.

Go Articles have brought me about 250 pageviews since submission.

earlier this week I have submitted to Idea Marketers the same articles as I had previously submitted to Go Articles and even though I have done no promotion on these articles, I did get about 100 pageviews.

After 15 days, Article Dashboard has at last approved my articles but my article stats do not show the number of pageviews so I have no idea how this article directory will help my blog (and especially my affiliate link!) get visitors.

I wonder what is taking Isnare so long in approving (or rejecting!) my articles. I have submitted them about 3 weeks ago (the earliest on April 13th, the latest on April 16th), and still no news from this directory! I came across an Internet marketing forum in which members were complaining about how long Isnare is taking in reviewing their articles, so at least I know I am not alone.

I know I said I would follow the exact affiliate marketing method I am using but I have decided to deviate just a tiny bit: I have started posting keyword rich short articles (each accompanied with a banner between the post title and the article body as well as a hyperlink with my affiliate link in the article) in order to improve the quality of my content. This should make it more search-engine friendly as well as giving me material for longer articles to post on article directories.

Now for my Clickbank commissions: well surprise, surprise, I have so far made $0! At least you know I am not lying to you. My blog has had about 80 visits which is not all that much for over a month's work but I am hoping that this will increase after I start posting more regularly, which will not happen for over a week because I have some family members visiting from tomorrow (I am hoping for the volcano ashes that are hovering over Ireland to go away before tomorrow afternoon, thankfully some of my relations are travelling by Ferry) as my daughter is doing her 1st Holy Communion at the week-end.

Hopefully the next time I post I will have earned some commissions, and if not, at least I will have a better idea of what works and what doesn't in affiliate marketing.

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