Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Hate Internet Marketing Freebies!

I wanted to write a post about how you can get Clikbank products for free and I remembered that I had seen some before when I scrolled down the bottom of my clickbank portal.

So I decided to take a closer look at my own Portal to see if there was anything worth downloading; I have just spent a few hours downloading Internet Marketing freebies and I haven't even started to read them yet!

I am not complaining about the fact that I am getting lots of stuff for free; it's just the way that this stuff is being made available to me that I have a problem with. I understand that the bottom line is that the Internet Marketing Experts, or Gurus, as they like to call themselves are trying to sell me something, and so their download pages all contain these annoying OTO offers (One-Time-Only). I know how to skip them and I don't care that my email address is probably now included and even triplicated in about 157 new email lists.

It's just so confusing that when you sign up to one freebie, the devil then tempts you with another 4 or 5 extra free bonuses and who am I to say no to the devil? Exactly! So here I go, sign up to A and then get not only A but B+C+D+E; Then I go and sign up to B because I can't remember that it's one of the bonuses I have already downloaded and they give me F+G+H+I and so on...

Anyway, now I've got some reading to do and probably also lots of lists to get unsubscribed from. I guess this is when I'm supposed to give you the download link for one of the free products but since I was in a frenzy and can't even remember all the new IDs and download links I must have created, all I can tell you is that if you hate Internet Marketing Freebies as much as me, go to your own Clickbank portal and scroll down to the "Recommended Free IM Product Resources"; if you haven't got one you can go to mine here (you can also get one for free through the same link, but that's only if you want one).

The guru said I had to taunt you so here's some of what you can get for free:
- 15 Free niche E-books with master resale rights and sales pages;
- E-book Auction Cash: How to make a killing selling E-books on Ebay in 5 easy steps*;
- PLR Fortunes: Huge master resale rights package;
- PPC Giveaway: Ebook about how to make a fortune with Google Adsense.

These are just the main free products; if you decide to get them, watch out for the unanounced free bonuses!(Damn these Gurus).

* Update: Ebay doesn't allow the sale of Ebooks anymore but it could be worth checking out other auction sites that permit this; just check the terms of your chosen auction site (thanks to the Knowledge Lady for pinpointing this).

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The knowledge lady said...

I maybe wrong, but I don't think that eBay allows electronic sales (E-books and such stuff) from auctions or it's site anymore. I know they didn't allow it last year but they might have changed their policy.

Sophie LC said...

I think you are right, I got blinded by the term "free" as usual, but the ebook might still be useful for using on other auction sites like Craigslist (if selling ebooks is allowed on the site of course).