Monday, March 23, 2009

Do You Know Who Your Facebook Friends Are?

I have just read an article on Yahoo News about an English prison officer being arrested for having criminals as some of his Facebook friends.

Of course the fact that he had these people as friends on his Facebook profile was not the only reason while the guard was arrested; the article mentions he had a photograph of him and a convicted fraudster on his Facebook profile (if you don't want to get caught, don't show off with your criminal friends!) as well as the fact that he had been supplying mobile phones and other banned items to inmates of the prison where he worked.

I went on a mad rampage a few months ago, adding lots of "friends" which I didn't know as I was hoping to get people to access my blog and posted items such as Squidoo lenses and Associated Content articles through my Facebook profile. I may have been naive but I never thought I might be unknowingly adding people who may be bad news.

I am not a prison guard or any other kind or Government employee but for my own sake I'd still rather not have any connections with criminals. I think I have a bit of decluttering to do on my own Facebook account: I am planning to reorganize my friends into categories (never thought I might even talk like this about my friends, I'm scaring myself!); of course I'll keep the people I know outside the Internet (I have a cousin who is a policeman, I'd better warn him in case he would have any dodgy friends), I also want to keep all my fellow bloggers, Squidooers, Associated Content producers, etc...

There is a saying that says "Keep your friends close and your ennemies closer" but I'd rather keep any ennemies as far away from me as I bloody can!

PS. You can still add me as a friend if you like, just add a quick note saying how you found me.

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