Friday, October 26, 2007


While surfing the net a few months ago, I found a story from someone saying he was making a killing just by having a viewbar on his computer screen; he was talking about companies that pay people just for using the Internet. I could not remember the website's name so the other day, while investigating some more ways to get paid on the Internet, I ran a search for "get paid to surf" and I found a lot of blogs and articles about such programmes.

I signed up with Agloco and then realised I would not get paid (if ever), for another while. I downloaded their viewbar even though the website says it is not yet available (weird?). I think there is a new version coming up which is not yet available for download but Agloco is encouraging members to refer as many people as possible for when the company will get hot. This might be wishful thinking but I read their blog and thought this sounded like an honest company.

You have to understand that when you sign up, you own a part of Agloco. There are 4 ways to make money when you sign up:
1- you earn money when you use the Agloco viewbar,
2- you get some of the total revenue generated by the total use of Agloco's viewbars by all their members,
3- when a member makes a purchase with a company advertising with them, all members get a portion of the commission earned by Agloco,
4- when you refer new members, you also make money.

The downside of it all is that Agloco is not making money yet so they can't pay their members at the moment but since sign up is free, what have I got to lose?

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Magdalen Islands said...

I signed up to Agloco and downloaded the tool bar and installed it. I never showed up on my screen. I went back to the site and read something about it not being ready and left.

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